預約需要預繳 100%訂金
為公平起見, 租場是以先到先得,付款為先!

  • 假日影樓租借

    Studio Rental(Holiday)

    Per Hour


  • 平日影樓租借

    Studio Rental(Weekday)

    Per Hour


  • 假日9小時套餐

    Studio Rental Package(Holiday)


    9Hrs Discount Package



  • 平日9小時套餐

    Studio Rental



    9Hrs Discount Package




1.      每次租用時間最少二小時, 不足二小時亦按二小時收費。

At Least 2 Hours Booking.

2.      晚上9時後,每小時收費加$50。

After 9pm Will Be Charge More $50 Per Hour .

3.      背景紙每2小時免費換一次, 如 2 小時內要求更換背景紙, 每次$50元正。 

Background Color paper can be changed for free each 2 hrs. If you want to change it within 2hrs, it will charge $50 each time.

4.      所有預約敬請準時到達,如遲到不作補時。

No time for subsidy, so all appointments are kindly requested to arrive on time.

5.      超時多於 15分鐘 (離開計算) 會當作1小時計算。

If over time more than 15mins(Leaving time), we will count as a hour and charge $300.6.     

6.      如需更改預約時間請於 14 天前通知 , 3-14天內通知會收取 50% 訂金作手續費 , 臨時取消預約訂金將不退還。

If you need to change the appointment time, please notify 14 days before. Notification within 3-14 days will charge 50% deposit for servicing charge, and the temporary cancellation of the booking deposit will not be refunded.

7.      租用時間指一切拍攝前準備(以進入影樓計算)及拍攝後收拾(離開影樓時間),請自行控制時間。

The rental time refers to all pre-shooting preparations (to enter the photo studio) and post-shooting (to leave the photo studio time). Please control the time yourself.

8.      如果攜帶兒童到本影樓,需至少2名成人同行照顧。請小心看顧同行兒童及所有人士,如有損傷本公司不會付上任何法律責任。

At least 2 adults for caring, if you bring children to our Cyclix Studio. And please take care of the children and all the people in Cyclix Studio. We will not pay any legal liability if there is any injury.

9.  本公司可提供3天寄存服務,按金HK$1500元正,如有寄存物品被損壞或盜竊,本公司不會負上任何責任。寄存者2天內未有取回物品, 物品和按金不會發還。

10.  Cyclix Studio can provide 3 days hosting service and the deposit is HKD1500.If the store items are damaged or stolen, we will not bear any responsibility. The depositor has not retrieved the item within 2 days, and the items and deposit will not be returned.

11.  如有任何設備、器材或其他財物遭到損壞或損毀 (正常損耗除外)、偷竊或被移走,毀壞者須按價賠償,本公司Cyclix Studio 保留追究權利。

If any facility, equipment or other property is damaged(other than normal loss), stolen or removed, subscriber must also pay compensation at the price and Cyclix Studio reserves the right to pursue the investigation.

12.  請保持地方清潔及自行清理自攜食品。

Please keep the Studio clean and clean your own food.

13.  不設人數上限,包括拍攝者,被拍攝者及旁觀者。

There is no upper limit, including the photographer, the photographer and the bystander.

14.  如未能配合本影樓之FM 引發器,訂金將不會發還。

If the FM Trigger of Cyclix studio is not available, the deposit will not be refunded.

15.  請依照Cyclix Studio職員指示下正確使用地臺(Cyclorama) 。如地臺出現大量汚積或損壞, 本公司會收取白色地臺 HK$1000 / 牆身 HK$100平方尺補油費。

Please use the Cyclorama correctly as directed by the Cyclix Studio staff. If there is a large contamination or any damage on the Cyclorama, we will charge a white platform HK$1000 / wall HK$100 per square foot for refueling fee.

16.  如有寵物,請在租場時通知,如沒通知,本影樓有權終止租場服務,而訂金將不會發還。

If there is a pet, please inform us when booking. If there is no any notice, Cyclix Studio has the right to terminate the rental service and the deposit will not be refunded.

17.  如借用本影樓之顧客如遇有財物損失、意外傷亡,本公司Cyclix Studio不會負上任何責任。

If customer suffers property damage or accidental casualties in Cyclix Studio , We will not pay any legal liability.

18.   如有任何爭議,本公司 Cyclix Studio 將保留一切最終決定權。

In case of any dispute, Cyclix Studio reserves the right of final decision.

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