Elinchrom Diffuser for Softlite 70cm

Elinchrom Diffuser for Softlite 70cm

Eliminate specular light with the help of the Elinchrom Diffuser for Softlite 70cm. It is a parabolic “Pan” reflector that features an adjustable deflector shield to reduce specular light emitting from a flash tube. It does so by redirecting the light back into the reflector. The diffuser is ideal for portrait and commercial photography where one requires broad, soft, even lighting that is crisper than what a softbox offers. The diffuser includes a silver deflector for a neutral color balance and a gold deflector for a warm color tone.


  • Elinchrom 27" Diffuser
  • Adjustable deflector shield
  • Eliminates specular light from flashtube
  • Ideal for portrait & commercial photography 
  • Silver deflector for neutral color balance
  • Gold deflector for warming effect
  • For Elinchrom Maxisoft
  • Color : White

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