The Parabolix® 35 reflector is also great for fashion, portraiture and beauty.  It gives incredibly smooth and rich light for beauty shots, while providing a large and even coverage for fashion.  When used in a flooded/defocused light position, this reflector provides full body coverage.  This reflector produces one of the best combinations of both large light coverage and portability.


Technical Details:

  • Light collimates (focuses) at Position 2 on the Focus Rod

  • Comes with speedring and bag.

  • 16-sided reflector

  • Suitable for all strobes brands, with appropriate strobe adapter.

  • Light-Focusing Mount and Strobe Adapter sold separately.

  • Dimensions Opened: 35" (89cm) diameter, 19" (48cm) deep

  • Dimensions Closed: 30" (76cm) length, 8" (20cm) diameter